Law firm Sofronievska & Polenak was established in 2012 by the merger of the law offices of Attorney Emilija Polenak and Attorney Ana Sofronievska who had previously independently practiced law for over 12 years. Law firm Sofronievska & Polenak is the continuation of a previous long-standing (long-term) cooperation of its founder – partners and sharing of a common vision of law-practicing in Republic of Macedonia in line with the contemporary (modern) standards and practices.

The guiding idea of the founders of Law firm Sofronievska & Polenak is to render legal services to legal entities and physical persons according to the principles of high level of skill, professional and ethical standard, always in line with the specific individual needs of each of each client and respecting the client’s discretion.

Towards meeting the client’s needs, Law firm’s team of professionals and available technical capabilities to ensure the closest and most efficient communication with the client, in order to establish the best possible understanding of the client’s needs and to respond promptly to his requirements and ensure best protection of the client’s rights and interests in each individual case. Beside having the capability to communicate directly in English and Greek language and provide in-house certified translation service for these languages, as well as for German language, the law office is also able to arrange for prompt translation services in nearly all foreign languages.